Fairies & Hapennies Need Readers: A Past Giveaway for Librarians & Educators

Win this Library Fairy created by author & creature maker Jennifer Carson!

Where would Fairies and Hapennies be without librarians and teachers to read them into existence?

A Past Giveaway for Librarians & Educators (Grades 1-3)

Author and creature maker Jennifer Carson went into the land of stories as a child and never came out.  She spends her days weaving stories and stitching the marvels that appear in them.

The Chapter Book

Jennifer Carson’s (a.k.a. The Dragon Charmer) latest chapter book, Hapenny Magick is the sweet, suspenseful, oft giggle-worthy fantasy for ages 7+,  (illustrated quite wonderfully by P.A. Lewis).

“A charming book, perfect for a read-aloud or to read sitting in the crook of a favorite tree…a warm, cheery story with just the right amount of thrilling scenes.”  –Angela J. Reynolds, Head of Youth Services, Annapolis Valley Regional Library


The Winners
Not only did Jennifer give away fifteen signed copies of Hapenny Magick to elementary school librarians, public librarians, and teachers (grades 1-3), but one random applicant was be chosen by the fairies to receive the above (quite magical) Library Fairy*!  Truly?  Yes, truly.

Book Winners
Calais Free Library (Calais, ME)
Melrose Elementary Library (Placentia, CA)
Shining Rivers Waldorf School (Saint Louis, MO)
Myers Elementary School (Dallas, OR)
Lakewood Elementary (Phenix City, AL)
Founders Hall (McKeesport, PA)
Denison Library (Cleveland, OH)
Canisteo-Greenwood Central School (Canisteo, NY)
Skyview Elementary (Yukon, OK)
Shiver School (Pelham, GA)
Clay Springs Public Library (Clay Springs, AZ)
Saint Bonaventure Media Center (Thoreau, NM)
Thornwood Elementary School (Houston, TX)
Livonia Public Schools (Livonia, MI)

Library Fairy Winner
Cople Elementary School (Hague, VA)


5 thoughts on “Fairies & Hapennies Need Readers: A Past Giveaway for Librarians & Educators

  1. Please forgive my typo: I do know how to spell library!

    One positive about the Library Fairy is that the eyes are needle felted, so the fairy can be passed around to be safely held by some students who might want to see if they can remove and taste those eyes.

  2. Cople Elementary School is thrilled to have received “Dustin Oftashelves, The Library Fairy”! He is fantastic! The students left today so they will meet him upon their return in September of 2012. It will be so much fun reading to them your book, “Hapenny Magick” as Dustin keeps us company in the library. His name is priceless and will definitely spark the curiosity of many young readers. The students of Cople Elementary School love to read to stuffed animals during their reading time. All of our stuffed animals have a connection to a book(s) in the library and a fun way to encourage reading. Welcoming “Dustin Oftashelves, The Library Fairy” to his new home will be our first activity next year along with exploring the World of the Hapenny! Miss Chase, the librarian cannot wait to start reading about Maewyn Bridgepost and her guardian, Gelbane (A Troll!). Thank you again for choosing Cople Elementary School as the recipient of “Dustin Oftashelves, The Library Fairy” and “Hapenny Magick”.

    May your journeys be filled with wonder and treasures!
    Amanda Chase, Librarian
    Cople Elementary School
    Hague, Virginia

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