Raj the Bookstore Tiger: A Story Hour Kit

Based on the Book:
Raj the Bookstore Tiger
By Kathleen T. Pelley
Illustrated by Paige Keiser
Published by Charlesbridge Publishers
Available in Hardcover & Paperback
Ages 4 and up

Best Users:
Booksellers, Public Children’s Librarians, School Librarians, Pre-K-2 Classrooms, Character Educators

Best Audience:
Children Grades PreK-2

Story Hour Kit Description:
Raj is a confident marmalade cat parading through his owner’s story hours believing that he is a tiger (as that is what his  owner always calls him).  When a visiting cat cuts Raj down with bullying words, Raj falls into a funk.  It takes a recitation on William Blake’s famous feliine poem to bring Raj back to himself.

The Story Hour kit allows your readers to play at being Raj by creating Raj tiger hats. Through a simple game (complete with a suggested script), you can help readers learn what words make Raj self-assured and what words make Raj lose faith.  Each one of your readers can walk away with a poem card with Blake’s transformative poem, “Tyger, Tyger.”

Story Hour Kit Contents:
This story hour kit contains:
• Tiger dress-up craft to make tiger hat
• Simple game of “tigerish” (or bully-free) words
• William Blake take-away poem card
• Story Hour Poster

Download the Story Hour Kit (PDF)
Visit the Author’s Website
• Find a copy of the book:
Amazon | B&N | IndieBound | Local Library
• Watch the Book Trailer:


• Watch the Author Read the Book:



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