Memento Nora: Communicating Social Justice Through Comics

Based on the Book:
Memento Nora
By Angie Smibert
Published by Marshall Cavendish
Hardcover ISBN: 9780761458296
Ebook Available
Ages 10 and 16

Best Users:
Art Educators, Grades 6-10 Classrooms, Middle School Librarians, Book Clubs, Comics Clubs

Best Audience:
Readers Grades 6-10

About the Book:
The three teens in Memento Nora have secretly chosen not to take the common drug that allows the citizenry to forget traumatic memories.  In Smibert’s future, trauma abounds as the cities suffer frequent “terrorist” attacks.  Drug-free and memories intact, the characters Nora, Micah, and Winter see a pattern of corruption that they expose through the publication of an underground comic.

About the Comics Project:
This comics project allows readers to grapple with the concepts of social justice expressed in the novel and those in the real world within the framework of a comics panel.  Participants in the project read the novel and engage in a Socratic book discussion.  That discussion delves deeper into the themes of oppression, equality, and corruption in the novel and allows students to see those themes in their personal experience or in historical or current events.  Readers then select a scene of their choosing from the book or from a real or imagined event and visually communicate it in a comic strip.  The author of Memento Nora has been inviting readers to publish those comics at

This project was created in association with the Maine College of Art’s Art Education department and piloted at King Middle School in Portland, Maine. The lesson plans were produced by educator, Jaime Devin.

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