Reunited: Inspire Your Readers with a Boy Band!

Is the band, Level3 fictional?

Well Level3 does have two hit singles, a website, and will be touring libraries this summer, but, yes, they are purely a fabrication of young adult novelist Hilary Weisman Graham for her book, Reunited (Simon & Schuster).

“When you see boy bands like One Direction created by stylists and publicists, it suddenly becomes quite possible to create one of your very own. The question then became, can we use a fictional band to inspire kids to read some fiction about fans of said band?” –Author, Hilary Weisman Graham

Hilary Weisman Graham, Curious City, and Simon & Schuster invite you to:
Inspire Your Readers with a Boy Band!

What Readers Get
Download the Reunited Poster/Bog Image (8.5″ x 11″ Color JPEG) and/or the Reunited Flyer (2 up B&W Flyers on 8.5″ x 11″ PDF) to invite your readers to receive:

● FREE chapters of the novel, Reunited
● FREE MP3’s from the band, Level3
● Chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate to TicketMaster to see the boy band of their choice.

How It Works
The poster and flyer asks readers to join Level3’s text messaging mailing list where they will receive fictional news about the band throughout the summer.  The minute your readers sign on, they will get a link to free chapters of Reunited and Level3’s MP3’s. If your readers stay on until 9/1/12, they will be entered to win the $50 Gift Certificate to TicketMaster.

Privacy Protected
The text messaging service does not give any of the sponsoring parties the name or location of the participants and participants can easily sign off at any time.


Fictional Band Touring Libraries

With the YA novel Reunited (Simon & Schuster, June 2012), Hilary Weisman Graham has written a book that rocks.  Literally.

3 ex-best friends drive from Boston to Austin to catch the reunion concert of Indie band, Level3.  Is Level3 a real band?  They do have 2 songs, band photos, and a website, but they are entirely fictional.

Now, that fictional band is touring libraries!
How can a fictional band go on tour, you ask?

With a good story, lots of free stuff for your tweens and teens, and a REAL opening act!

Libraries on the tour get:

1) Live Performance by Level3’s opening act, Dilly Dilly.  Dilly Dilly is NOT fictional, but a “part folk, part electronic, entirely other” singer/songwriter who will perform a set (while apologizing for Level3 who is “stranded in Eastern Europe with visa trouble.”)

2) Giveaway by text message to your patrons of:
• 3 FREE chapters of the YA novel, Reunited
• 2 FREE MP3’s by Level3
• 2 FREE MP3’s by Dilly Dilly
• Chance to win a $50 Ticketmaster gift certificate

3) Photo Booth
set up during the show that allows tweens/teens to have their picture taken “inside” the Level3 VW band tour bus.

4) Concert Poster customized for your library.

5) Local press pitched by Reunited/ Level3’s entirely REAL marketing team.

Library Tour Dates
Portland Public Library, Portland, ME 
Chicopee Public Library,Chicopee, MA
Marian J. Mohr Library, Johnston, RI
Barrington Public Library, Barrington, RI
Darien Library, Darien, CT 06820

Lane Memorial Library, Hampton, NH 03842
Public Library of New London, N. London, CT
Thomas Crane Public Library, Quincy, MA
Hershey Public Library, Hershey PA 17033
Pittsboro Public Library, Pittsboro, NC 27312
Rowan Public Library, Salisbury, NC
Grand Prairie Public Library, Grand Prairie, TX

Not on the tour?
1) No worries.  Free chapters and MP3’s will be offered nationwide here.
2) You might try begging the Booking Agent, Michael Whittaker.  Dilly Dilly might just swing in on her LA to Boston return trip.

Contact Kirsten Cappy at Curious City at 207-420-1126 or