Into the Trap: Character Blog & Reader Giveaway

Reader Engagement Project:
Read, Review, Win!
Readers win a free map of Into the Trap‘s fictional setting when they review the book on the book’s website.  Until 12/1/12, young book reviewers can also be entered to win a $50 L.L. Bean Gift Certificate when they review the book!  (Reader’s Privacy Always Protected!)

The Story Continues…
The author continues the story with a funny, engaging, and informative blog, “Lobster Boy“, written in the voice of the main character.  Reluctant readers have been consumed by the blog’s depiction of a teen’s life on the New England waters.

Display Bookmark for “Read, Review, & Win” reading promotion

Tools of Engagement:
• Display a Shelftalker announcing the blog and the chance to Read, Review, & Win!  Download Here.
• Display a Bookmark announcing the blog and the chance to Read, Review, & Win!  Download Here.
• Insert a Bookplate Teaser in the back of the book to lead readers to the character’s blog, “Lobster Boy.”  Download Here.
• Show the Character Blog/Website “Lobster Boy” to reluctant readers and outdoor/action adventure readers.

Best Users: Grades 6-9 Classrooms, Public Children’s Librarians, School Librarians
Best Audience: Children Grades 6-9

Based on the Book:
Into the Trap
By Craig Moodie
Published by Roaring Brook
Hardcover, Ebook Available
Ages 10 and 16
Find a copy of the book:
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An action-packed adventure about thieves, fishing, and two boys who lay a trap that will save the day.

Eddie’s family has been trapping lobsters for generations. but lately someone has been stealing their catch. When Eddie happens across the thieves’ trap, he knows it’s up to him to bring in the culprits. With the unlikely help of a boy who has run away from sailing camp, Eddie embarks on an adventure that puts his very life at risk.

“Lobster Boy” Blog Continues the Story of Novel, Into the Trap



SYNC YA Lit Into Your Earphones

Why not listen to lit?

Curious City is proud to have partnered with AudioFile Magazine to create and manage SYNC, an audience building literacy project for Young Adult and Classic/Required Reading audiobooks.

We have not only built a list of 20 FREE audiobooks that will be available in the Summer of 2012, but have created a complete promotional tool kit to allow librarians, educators, literacy folks, and bloggers to spread the good news to teens and other listeners.

SYNC YA Literature into Your Earphones
2 Free Audiobook Downloads Each Week
June 14 – August 22, 2012

Teens and other readers of Young Adult Literature will have the opportunity to listen to bestselling titles and Required Reading Classics this summer.   Each week  from June 14 – August 22, 2012, SYNC will offer two free audiobook downloads.

The audiobook pairings will include a popular YA title and a classic that connects with the YA title’s theme and is likely to show up on a student’s summer reading lists.  For example, Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone, the first book in a new series about a girl who opens a door to two otherworldly cities at war, will be paired with Charles Dicken’s A Tale of Two Cities.

To find out when you can download titles to listen to on the run this summer, visit or text syncya to 25827.

Memento Nora: Communicating Social Justice Through Comics

Based on the Book:
Memento Nora
By Angie Smibert
Published by Marshall Cavendish
Hardcover ISBN: 9780761458296
Ebook Available
Ages 10 and 16

Best Users:
Art Educators, Grades 6-10 Classrooms, Middle School Librarians, Book Clubs, Comics Clubs

Best Audience:
Readers Grades 6-10

About the Book:
The three teens in Memento Nora have secretly chosen not to take the common drug that allows the citizenry to forget traumatic memories.  In Smibert’s future, trauma abounds as the cities suffer frequent “terrorist” attacks.  Drug-free and memories intact, the characters Nora, Micah, and Winter see a pattern of corruption that they expose through the publication of an underground comic.

About the Comics Project:
This comics project allows readers to grapple with the concepts of social justice expressed in the novel and those in the real world within the framework of a comics panel.  Participants in the project read the novel and engage in a Socratic book discussion.  That discussion delves deeper into the themes of oppression, equality, and corruption in the novel and allows students to see those themes in their personal experience or in historical or current events.  Readers then select a scene of their choosing from the book or from a real or imagined event and visually communicate it in a comic strip.  The author of Memento Nora has been inviting readers to publish those comics at

This project was created in association with the Maine College of Art’s Art Education department and piloted at King Middle School in Portland, Maine. The lesson plans were produced by educator, Jaime Devin.

Visit the Memento Nora Project
Download the Lesson Plans
Read about the creation of the project.
• Find a copy of the book:
Amazon | B&N | IndieBound | Local Library