Reunited / Level3

Level3’s Reunited Tour:

The band Level3 will be touring libraries and reaching out to readers this summer on the Reunited tour. Why tour libraries?  Why talk to readers?

Because author Hilary Weisman Graham’s novel, Reunited (Simon & Schuster) is about three ex-best friends hitting the road to see, you guessed it, Level3.

If you would like to get readers involved or cover this book / band tour, please use any of the Press Materials below or contact Curious City.

Press Release
Download the Press Release (.doc, 385 words)
Download the Press Release (.doc, 565 words)

Tools to Involve Readers
Download a Color Poster offering tweens & teens access to Level3 MP3s and free chapters of the book, Reunited.

Download a B&W Flyer offering tweens & teens access to Level3 MP3s and free chapters of the book, Reunited.

Video Press Kit
Download a folder of high res. video spots for TV.  Folder contains:
• Interview 1: Hilary Weisman Graham describes the plot of REUNITED – TRT 00:57
• Interview 2: Hilary Weisman Graham answeres the Question: “Was REUNITED based on personal experience?” – TRT 00:49
• Interview 3: Hilary Weisman Graham “on being a screenwriter & a novelist in rural NH” – TRT 01:16
• Interview 4: Hilary Weisman Graham “on creating REUNITED’s fictional boy band, Level3” – TRT 01:42
• Interview 5: Hilary Weisman Graham “on authors on the internet, the importance of self-marketing” – TRT 01:04
• Level3 “Heyday” Pop-up Documentary – TRT 03:10
• Level3 “Parade” Music Video – TRT 03:14
Reunited Book Trailer – TRT 01:14

Download footage of Dilly Dilly Performing on the tour

Tools for  Libraries on the Tour
Download Calendar / Web Copy
Download Level3 Image
Download Tour Poster (8.5″ x 14″ .jpeg)

The Book: Reunited
Download Book Jacket of Reunited by Hilary Weisman Graham
Link to Reunited Book Trailer on YouTube (Grab the EMBED Code)

The Author: Hilary Weisman Graham
Download Photo of Author Hilary Weisman Graham (400+ dpi)
Link to Author Hilary Weisman Graham’s website
Email Hilary Weisman Graham

The Band: Level3
Download Level3 Image
Link to Band Level3’s Website
Visit ReverbNation & Use “Share” to Get Widgets & Share Songs

The Opening Act: Dilly Dilly
Link to Performer Dilly Dilly
Download Photo of performer Dilly Dilly
Download Performance footage (.mov)


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